Programming Projects

The projects listed on this page are either projects of interest or projects I have spent some time working with.

Additional mentioned files and downloads may usually be found in here.

Newer projects added at the bottom.
Older projects may have been deleted, may have hyperlinks removed or no longer have associated files.
Keeping hyperlinks updated over the years is a tedious task!

My Book List

BC245XLT (sctl)
Dell Inspiron i8kutils
Dell Inspiron 8100 and IRDA Quick Howto
Using an IRIVER IHP-120 from within Linux
Sony Erricson GC82
Garmin Etrex Vista C
Hauppauge WinTV PVR2 (pvrusb2)
Nokia 3120 tethered to USB using a Radio Shack Cable 22 (Gammu)
BCD996T (sctl)
LPRng with Foo2ZjS
Amazon Kindle DXG and Linux
Amazon Kindle - Converting .txt to .html to .mobi
Amazon Kindle - Convert Linux Manual Pages to .mobi
Amazon Kindle - Strip
Samsung Rugby 4
RawTherapee and Nikon DSLR Cameras
Nikon Applications under Wine
Fetchmail using Windstream Secure Email
Recording UDF Filesystems to Optical Media