Gnokii - A user interface for Nokia brand cellular phones.  It now has support for the model 8290. ;-)   Other programs that are usable with the model 8290 are mygnokii2 and gsmlib.  However, mygnokii2 is commandline only until all the bugs are worked out.  Once that is done, the author will re-integrate the gui.  Gsmlib is pretty basic.  I don't have much time to mess with this stuff for the time being so I'm using Gnokii and am pretty happy with it's performance (just some bugs that I'd like to fix).  You need to get the cvs version of gnokii that is older then Aug 06 2002 or older then 0.4.3 release.  Support for the 8290 wasn't added until very recently.  (Also, make sure you unload the maestro sound module and the lt_modem/lt_serial drivers (or any others) prior to booting linux if your having problems starting irda services.)  As far as Gnokii is concerned, the 8290 is considered as a model = 6110 within the /etc/gnokiirc (also, use connection = irda)