1. Using a Sony Ericsson GC82 and AT&T EDGE Wireless with Linux - I have gathered my configuration files and knowledge on enabling this device under Linux.  The HTML file is here files/doc/howto-gc82.html or the pdf file is here files/doc/howto-gc82.pdf.  I've also just aquired the PDF file detailing all the AT Commands for the GC82 and the url requires a web browser to download the pdf (wget may not work). I took some time to also create a gc82con.sh script to automatically connect to either the local or roaming networks and a gc82sig.sh script that continuously loops checking for signal level (good for finding a strong signal strength spot). Both scripts can be found in my file folder ../files/packages/.

  1. As for the Sierre Wireless with TMOBILE Wireless, I have failed to get it functional as I keep getting a ConfRej error in my syslog.  Also note the AC750 device will conflict with irda (smcc) using kernel-2.6.6.  Further debug info can be found in here Kernel Bugzilla bug #2945.  I also returned the AC750 since I ran into too many difficulties. (20040710)

  2. I have packaged my scripts and ppp configuration including a makefile to automate installing and configuring the GC82. The scripts include my gc82con.sh script so that the entire connection process is automated. The package can be found here files/packages. The documentation files are also included as of the gc82-20050209.tar.bz2. (20050209) As of firmware "R4B9" for the GC82 modem, you will need to comment line #42 out of the /etc/chatscripts/attws.roaming file or else the chatscript will fail when trying to connect to the Cingular network.  I have yet to try connecting to anyother networks with this newer firmware version (20050212).  On a side note, I'm having a rough time with firmware "R4B9".  When I get a chance, I am publishing all versions of firmware I have downloaded incase somebody wants to downgrade.  Just made quite a few changes to gc82con.sh and noticed an incomplete function.  I've been publishing snapshots regularly now (20050215).  I've recently trouble-shooted the latest R4B9 firmware and interestingly, it looks like ":" is no longer needed within ppp/peers file (nor is it needed for the AT&T chatscript, but the network will not complain like Cingular networks).  And this was causing the LCP termination error when connecting to Cingular networks using this firmware.  After working with this firmware for 30 minutes or so in a AT&T and Cingular remote territory, I'm seeing this firmware give more preference to Cingular over AT&T networks.  Not only more preference, but I see AT&T disappear at times from the gsmctl op listing -- maybe it's just me? -- things just seem wacky with this firmware.  Also, I will get frequent ppp disconnects in a weak area.  It used to be, when the signal drops out, the connection would remain open and would become usable again once signal strength increased.  But now the signal get's lost forever on both networks while sometimes leaving ppp active or sometimes ppp will quit.  (This is weird.  The earlier firmware version handled weak signals better then this newer firmware version!  I'm starting to disconnects exactly after a certain period of approx. 1 minute -- this is weird, no ppp errors or anything -- something is really *fudged-up* with this firmware!)  At this point, the modem will fail to respond with any further gsmctl operations requiring a modem reinsert.  I see better stability using the older firmwares.  For the time being, I'm not going to worry about modifying gc82con.sh for use with the newer firmware. (20050425) Since AT&T has transferred these services to Cingular, I recently tried using a Cingular SIM card from a sales rep with Data Connect enabled and found my GC82 to be unlocked and functioning with the Cingular Connection Manager software within WindowsXP.  Using Linux with firmware R3B9, I have created a peer/chatscript using http://www.advantedgecomputing.com/opensource/gc83linux.html as a guideline and everything appears to work fine.  I have yet to publish the scripts. (20060305)

  3. (20060815)  It's been a long time since I've edited my GC82 script(s).  Note, the GC82 script is suppose to toggle automatically between two types of servers (AT&T and Cingular) during the period of 2004 until the recent merge.  This is great if you travel allot, but it needs cleaning up or modifying to fit your distro.  As I'm now situated and rarely travel for the time being, I've found a set of great chatscript & ppp  config file  for Cingular.  Just add the files to /etc/chatscript & /etc/ppp/ and go.  I'll post them shortly and clean-out the above notes out later.   In the meantime, if you need the files, just email me a request.