Garmin Etrex Vista C - The gps is great if I get lost, I can easily find my way back to civilization.  I find them absolutely tedious to use when finding destinations such as McDonald's or any addresses using the device's software tools.  For addresses, I would rather just use my laptop as it is usually always on while driving, and use to find addresses or anything else.  And when trying to find a Park, I usually end up more lost trying to find the Park via the GPS rather then looking at either road signs or a map.  To use this device with Linux, you'll need to grab the Garmin USB Device Driver in order to broadcast using the Garmin Protocol.  To use the NMEA Protocol (preferred), you will also need to use the garminusb2nmea user tool and is maintained on the same website.  As usual, be sure to read the manuals or readme's before asking questions.  Speaking with Garmin, they recommended also buying the "City Select Ver. 6.0" map pack. (20041026) 

Submitted garmin-gps ebuild to (garminusb2nmea ebuild to follow shortly) (20050115).