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2011.01.13 - LinuxBIOS was renamed, sometime ago, to Coreboot and I will hopefully migrate to the new name sometime soon.  Configuring and compiling coreboot now is much easier using something similar to the Linux kernel's "make menuconfig && make".  Also, I'm now getting good boots with my DFI P2XBL motherboard (using Abit P2B layout) & Tyan S1832DL motherboard (using Tyan S1846 layout) and am likely ready to import new layouts for my boards sometime. The DFI motherboard still has some memory initialization issues hindering successful cold boots into SeaBIOS, but warm boots get to SeaBIOS.  The Tyan S1832DL motherboard is booting into SeaBIOS on both cold and warm boots, but with only less then or equal to 768MB RAM instead of the full 1GB RAM (Removing the fourth slot of RAM).  Afterwards, the boot proceeds onward into Windows, or whatever. However, they both slow during operating system initializations, proving there are now issues with IRQ layouts or something. Hence, reason for creating specific target mainboard layouts for these boards. I'll post newer build images for these boards as well as logs.

2007.05.28 - DFI P2XBL now boots past Filo now!  However, this board seems to have some issues with RAM timing compared to the Tyan 440BX boards (S1832/S1846).  (I need to comment out init_timer() function within src/boot/hardwaremain.c for DFI P2BXL.)  As of today, the Tyan S1846 (as well as my S1832) should now boot into Filo.  I have yet to build a ROM image for my S1832 board, but will soon build one.  DFI P2BXL  rom images are built and available below.

2007.05.13 - DFI P2XBL now boots copying over the tyan/s1846/auto.c into asus/p2b/auto.c -- but is finicky about DRAM Banks used as well as SDRAM.  Using SPD values within i440bx/raminit.c needs work.

- Tyan S1832DL now boots all the way to elfboot.  (Fails at trying to find payload filo.elf :-/  Possibly the last stumbling block.)

2007.04.27 - Easy success with Tyan S1832DL.  (Booting up until PCI init using S1846 profile.)

2007.01.29 - Successfully loaded a Linuxbios image using Filo for the payloader under the Qemu emulator.
  (Seeing extremely quick less then 2 second load times with Linuxbios.)

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ROM Builds

  1. Tyan S1832DL -  Can build using the Tyan S1846 LinuxBIOSv2 profile or use one of my prebuilt roms.  To flash, simply use util/flashrom from within the SVN LinuxBIOSv2 tree.  (Posting a ROM configured to boot all the way up until elfboot.  Haven't test it yet though.  Spent all day testing, I forgot to post verified one.  Also posting a session.log files too.)
  2. DFI P2XBL - Status is similar to the above tyan/S1846 profile using the tyans/s1846/auto.c.  Fill only DIMM BANK0 with SDRAM.  This board seems tempermental with also the type of SDRAM.  I'm using quality PC133 in my S1832DL (above) in all banks without detection problems.  Trying to use the asus/p2b/auto.c seems to always hang.  I've tried removing and adding lines using the tyan/s1846/auto.c as a guide, but I think this *always hang no matter what* is being caused by a "#include" ordering within the asus/p2b/auto.c file.  The *real* base for all these problems is supposedly not using the SPD values of the DRAM modules within i440bx/raminit.c.  According to my research, this gets down to researching the Intel i440bx northbridge specifications pdf file (easily found on the web) and making sure the Northbridge is configured accordinly.
  3. Procomp B680/B683 - This is a spare 440BX board I'm not currently using with the W83977TF-AW SuperIO.  This should just work with the LinuxBIOSv2 Tyan S1846 target as it.  (No Prebuilt ROM images yet.)
  4. QEMU - As I now have LinuxBios running, I think I need to compile in a vgabios which should resolve the hang from allowing Qemu to load further. (See the screenshots below).  I'm guessing, one could compile in the default Qemu vgabios or, what I'm thinking, I could grab my own vgabios and compile it into your LinuxBios (See References section concerng LinuxBIOS VGA Support.).  (I have on prebuilt ROM, but it's really useless unless you manually patch QEMU.)   From word on the LinuxBIOS mailing list, LinuxBIOSv3 will have Qemu support.


Screenshots and Log File

Here's screenshots of the boot process trying to boot an El Torito bootable LiveCD from my CD-ROM drives using LinuxBios with QEMU.  I've also included  a text log file of the process.

I think the next step for getting Qemu running with LinuxBios is to compile in the VGA bios used by Qemu.  I still need to further troubleshoot my boot method to see if this is the next step.  (More log files are provided individual project folders within the ROM Builds section.)


linuxbios.log    LinuxBios1b.png    LinuxBios1c.png