JHead - Jhead extracts the EXIF data from image files which are usually associated with Digital Cameras.  Also provides makehtml.
The latest info and versions can be found at http://www.sentex.net/~mwandel/jhead

  1. I have merged both the latest release of jhead-1.8 and the makehtml (automagickly create  html thumbnail directories) into one package.
  2. I have also modified the makehtml to create "black background" with "light grey font" (this  provides the images the increased contrast that they need for easier viewing -- it also appears to be a defacto for the photography world to post photos on a black background).
  3. I created a link at the top of the page for the html pages to view the exif image information that jhead creates. (It would appear that the file that makehtml creates with jhead needs better formatting.  ie. placing 1 to 2 blank lines between each images info section).
  4. I think that the makehtml utility should also format the html thumbnail page with a slight space in between the verticle row of images.  The horizontal row of images already have this space.  (see my Photographs for an example of this as well as what I have mentioned previously.  If anyone gets around to patching the code to do this, or any other modifications that might peak my interest, email the patch to me also at "roger at eskimo.com" and I'll think about implementing it into the srpm.  (2002.08.11)
  5. Image Organization Plan (2002.12.18) In a desprite attempt to database my quickly growing digital image collection, I found this page.  It gives a decent overview of a standard method for the process. (...and, it's about the only page that I have found yet for Linux (or FreeBSD).