Creative Webcam Go- Have the starts of a driver to enable this device in the Linux o/s.  This is very raw and don't expect anything to work yet.  

  1. Just got some news today from the webcamgo mailing list.  It's now said that the Webcam Go now is able to produce some rather raw black & white snapshots by using the code from here:  cvs -z3 co usbvideo  <-- If you have problems compiling usbvideo.c, you might want to try adding -DEXPORT_SYMTABto the CFLAGS line of the Makefile.  The code is said to be built on the kernel-2.4.4 tree per hear-say.  Unfortunately, I've yet to be able to load the webcamgo.o driver with the "kernel-2.4.16 version's usbvideo.o" because usbvideo has gone through some changes since kernel-2.4.4.  If somebody has worked the webcamgo.c code to build on 2.4.16 tree, let me know. (2001.12.14)

  2. We're currently struggling to get the webcamgo.c compatable with kernel-2.4.16 version's of usbvideo.o (2001.12.16)

  3. Mine is now collecting dust somewhere. mmm...just realized i lost it now. imho, there are probabely better h/w solutions out there with linux drivers already (ie phillips).  (2002.08.11)