Coreboot Project

Last Edited on 2011.01.14

rogerx dot oss at gmail dot com

2011.01.13 - LinuxBIOS was renamed, sometime ago, to Coreboot and I will hopefully migrate to the new name sometime soon.  Configuring and compiling coreboot now is much easier using something similar to the Linux kernel's "make menuconfig && make".  Also, I'm now getting good boots with my DFI P2XBL motherboard (using Abit P2B layout) & Tyan S1832DL motherboard (using Tyan S1846 layout) and am likely ready to import new layouts for my boards sometime. The DFI motherboard still has some memory initialization issues hindering successful cold boots into SeaBIOS, but warm boots get to SeaBIOS.  The Tyan S1832DL motherboard is booting into SeaBIOS on both cold and warm boots, but with only less then or equal to 768MB RAM instead of the full 1GB RAM (Removing the fourth slot of RAM).  Afterwards, the boot proceeds onward into Windows, or whatever. However, they both slow during operating system initializations, proving there are now issues with IRQ layouts or something. Hence, reason for creating specific target mainboard layouts for these boards. I'll post newer build images for these boards as well as logs.

440bx-dfi_p2xbl/ 440bx-tyan-s1832dl/